Ear Infections

An ear infection happens when viruses or bacteria enter the ear canal. They can cause pain and fever in children as well as adults. This common issue is usually treatable with antibiotics, and an urgent care location can diagnose, treat and prescribe the right medicine to take care of an uncomfortable ear infection. 

There are several different types of ear infections (inner ear infections and outer ear infections) and most of them are common. Some common ear infections that A+ Urgent Care can help treat include: 

Swimmer’s Ear

Swimmer’s ear is an ear infection in the outer ear and ear canal. This can cause itching, redness, pain and swelling, and pus may drain from the ear. Antibiotics are usually needed to treat Swimmer’s ear and a trip to urgent care is necessary to be prescribed the right kind of antibiotics for this specific ear problem. 

Acute Otitis Media (AOM)

Acute otitis media (AOM) is an infection of the middle ear. AOM symptoms include pain, pus in the ear, redness of the eardrum and fever. This middle ear infection can cause Infants or toddlers to be irritable, and children may tug on the affected ear. These are signs of a potential ear infection. Antibiotics are often used to treat AOM but are not always necessary. 

Acute Otitis Media with Effusion (AOME)

This type of ear infection happens when part of the ear gets blocked by fluid. Fluid can build up in the middle ear for several reasons, including respiratory infection such as a cold. With a cold, the middle ear can get filled with fluid just as the nose does – it just doesn’t run out as easily from the middle ear as it does from the nose. Sometimes, the fluid can become infected, which leads to AOME. 

Urgent care can accurately diagnose AOME and provide the antibiotics needed to help you feel better. After AOME has been treated with antibiotics or has resolved itself, fluid could remain in the middle ear for a month or longer before it goes away.

Why Choose Urgent Care for Ear Aches?

Urgent care for ear infections in adults and children can help get immediate relief for symptoms such as ear pain while also getting to the root of the problem and helping you heal sooner rather than later. 

This can assure that treatable conditions do not become long-term problems like hearing loss by accurately diagnosing and treating your ear issues and referring you to specialists, such as ear, nose and throat physicians, in the case that problems are serious. 

If you are experiencing a type of hearing loss, ear pain or any other symptom of ear issues, contact one of our convenient locations near you to find relief. Our locations are open seven days a week with convenient daytime and evening hours for patients needing urgent care treatment for ear aches.